Tips for Keeping Teen Acne Under Control

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Acne is something that almost every teenager has to deal with, and it can be a challenging and embarrassing process. As a teen, you’re in a whole new stage of life, both physically and mentally. Here are some tips to help keep teen acne under control.

1. Do Not Touch or Pick at Problem Areas

This is important because picking and scratching your skin during a breakout can lead to a deeper infection that lasts longer and may even cause scarring in the long term. Try to avoid this to promote quick healing.

2. Avoid Facial Scrubs, Astringents, and Excessive Scrubbing

Not only are harsh products like astringents and exfoliants hard on your skin, but they can cause irritation and make problems worse. Excessive washing can also lead to over-drying of the skin, stimulating oil production, thus creating more acne. Avoid scrubs and astringents for the same reasons.

3. After Washing the Skin, Treat it with a Medical Topical Product

Your dermatologist can recommend the proper topical treatment for you. You should apply this to the skin, allowing it to unclog the pores. Adapalene also helps to prevent new acne breakouts and scars.

4. Use Over-the-Counter Acne Products, and Wash Problem Areas with a Gentle Cleanser Twice Daily

You can use over-the-counter acne products such as benzoyl peroxide, which kills the bacteria in the skin and helps prevents new acne. Make sure to wash your face twice per day with a gentle cleanser. This will ensure your pores stay small and clean, keeping oil production to a minimum.

5. Shower After Activities that Cause Sweat and Oil Production

Exercise leads to sweating and more oil in the skin, which can clog pores. This will help remove the excess dirt and oil on your skin.

6. Protect Skin from the Sun

It is essential to avoid the sun on your face as much as possible. Sun exposure damages acne even more. Apply sunscreen every time you go out.

7. Avoid Excessive Amounts of Cosmetics

Using too many cosmetics products can clog the pores, especially rich or heavy ones that can trap oils and debris. This can lead to your oil glands producing more oil and clogging the pores even more.

8. Protect Skin from Items that Create Friction or Cause Pressure on the skin

This includes wearing tight-fitting things such as collars, helmets, or some types of masks that can irritate your skin.

9. Treat Acne Early

This will help prevent the spreading of acne. The best is to treat it the way you treat an insect bite or a cut. Treating acne early enough helps to prevent breakouts and scars on the skin.

10. Manage and Reduce Stress Levels

Stress can also be a part of the hormonal changes that lead to acne problems. When you are under a lot of stress, your body produces cortisol, a hormone that increases oil production on the skin. You can see a dermatologist to guide you and prescribe a medication that can work for you.

Acne Treatment for Teens in Mesa, AZ

Acne can be uncomfortable and embarrassing. However, there are many more helpful things that you can do besides popping pimples to help clear up your skin. Try the lifestyle changes above or see Dr. Hamblin at Hamblin Dermatology. You can contact our center to book an appointment with Dr. Hamblin.

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