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Dr. Travis Hamblin is an Arizona native and graduate of Arizona State University. He completed medical school at Midwestern University before completing his internship and residency at Michigan State University. He has since opened his own practice, a “one-stop-shop” for all your dermatological needs in the White Mountains.

Travis Hamblin, DO

Board Certified Dermatologist

Arizona native, Dr. Travis Hamblin, specializes in dermatology for both medical and cosmetic purposes. He is also skilled at creating comprehensive treatment plans for skin cancers, as well as performing Mohs surgery.

Dr. Hamblin Background Information

Dr. Hamblin specializes in dermatology involving the hair, skin, and nails, as well as cosmetic treatments. He’s also a very skilled Mohs surgeon and provides comprehensive treatment plans for skin cancers. In fact, he recently spent time studying alongside Australia’s leading skin cancer surgeon, Dr. Anthony Dixon, in celebration for his article about the efficacy of trichloroacetic acid as a post-surgical scarring treatment. During his time at Michigan State University, he was Chief Resident in his program and well-regarded by his peers and attending physicians.

Dr. Hamblin is a father to 12 children whom he and his wife enjoy raising in the White Mountains. Above all, Dr. Hamblin is dedicated to providing high-quality dermatological care in rural areas. During your appointment, he can take the time to answer your questions and ensure you feel comfortable with your care plan. Your satisfaction is our top priority at Hamblin Dermatology.

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